How to Grow a Modest Investment into a Comfortable Retirement.

Hopefully, you’re now asking yourself “How can I retire young off of $3,000? It’s actually quite simple, and it all comes down to your plan. There are multiple ways to achieve retirement early and many paths to follow. I’m going to show you the path that I’ve taken, as well as many others. For now let me assure you, it’s easier than you might imagine.


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In this course we will take an in depth look at the following topics.

What are Options

As everyone knows, we as customers are able to buy car insurance, house insurance, life insurance, health insurance… but did you know that you can buy stock insurance? Not only that, if you think a stock is going to ‘crash’ you can buy insurance on it and get paid big time if you are right! This approach is also covered in this one of a kind course

How do Covered Calls Work

If you owned two houses, you live in one, what would you do with the second one? Rent it out, right? You might be shocked to know that you can also rent out stock that you might already own! You will be excited to know I go over this strategy as well, in this course. If you have a 1000 shares or more of a big name company, you might already be retired, without knowing it!

Become a Stock Insurance Salesman

This is likely going to blow your mind. Are you interested in learning a strategy that works over 99% of the time? And in the 1% case it doesn’t work, your worst case scenario is you buy a stock for a large discount? I will teach you how to properly and safely sell stock insurance in this course and it’s truly revolutionary!

What is Your Time Frame

Time frames in trading are an important concept to grasp.  Which time frames you chose to invest will have a big impact on where you enter a trade, the size of the position and where you plan your exit strategy.

How to Day Trade

Day Trading is an essential arsenal in any investors arsenal. Day trading is designed to capture quick moves in the market while *massively* limiting your exposure to unexpected news that might shake the markets and your profits.

Taxes and Death?

Well, I have to have a class on this right? I’ll discuss how I deal with the taxes and implications of them here in the US

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“Very good explanation, concise and packed with excellent info!”


“Jerremy is very friendly and responsive, I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about investing to take this course. Also, if you have any questions he will gladly help you.”


“Great teacher, great strategies, thanks so much!”


“Excellent!!! The instructor is very engaging and in almost all of the examples, he shows you live trading sessions where you can observe how the concepts and strategies of the course are performing live. You also get a lot of good information out of this course!”


Meet your Instructor

Hi! I hope your day is just marvelous! My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome. I am the CEO and co-founder of a company called Real Life Trading. The Mission of Real Life Trading  is To Enrich Lives and we do that by teaching people how to safely and properly invest in the stock market. 

As our society becomes more technologically equipped, day trading and actively trading the markets will become a more viable career choice than ever thought possible. My goal is to teach, guide, coach and mentor traders from around the world and help each individual understand how to extract profits from the market. 

I LOVE trading and I love teaching. As I combine both of these passions, I can assure you, the information, impact and takeaway will be life changing for those who take this course. I bring high energy, humor, relevance and a colorful approach to education. I am 100% confident the students in this course will feel properly educated in the wild west of day trading. 🙂